Through a happy circumstance, I found out that Chris was going to be in town for a very short time this week.  By even happier circumstance, he had his bike with him.  I had never met him before, but I’ve figured out that this little internet community of bloggers are some pretty good people and neat to know, so I reached out to him in hopes of getting together for a quick ride.  I found out that our opportunities were pretty limited in terms of time, but a Sunday evening ride was doable.  Since Pam wanted to check in with her mother after our week of absence, that provided the perfect opportunity.

Knowing Chris’ penchant for laid back rides and the fact that I only got back into town in the middle of the day, I proposed a leisurely “sunset ride” from Elwood to see what the end-of-day sky had to offer. 

I picked him up from his hotel around 7:00, and we made the short drive to Elwood as we got acquainted.  By the time we got on our bikes and headed west, I could already tell it was going to be a good ride.  Nice weather, good company and the first time back on a bike in a couple of days can’t be beat!

We actually had quite a few clouds around all day, and I knew we probably had a 50/50 chance of either a spectacular sunset or a dud, depending on what those clouds decided to do.  Fortunately, things worked out for us, as it only took a few minutes for the first photo opportunity to show itself!

From there, it only got better!  We kept meandering around, stopping every few minutes as the view and sky changed.

After around 10 miles of stop and start riding, I calculated it was probably time to head back for the truck, then immediately decided to go a little further in hopes of getting a nice final shot of the sinking sun.  It was such a nice evening out, and the countryside was so quiet and peaceful I really hated to go home!  We ended up riding another couple of miles, and were rewarded with these final parting shots.

Because of our dilly-dallying, we had to pick up the pace a little bit on the way back to the truck, and still didn’t make it until full-on dark, but I don’t think either of us minded a bit.  It had been a great evening and I was honored to meet and ride with such a great guy!  Thanks, Chris!

God bless…


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4 Comments on “Pondero”

  1. Steve A Says:

    OMG! No gravel even. What’s that pot on top of his head? I do hope you had the presence of mind to pass along the Lakes? No? Well, it IS summer so you may have to take good care of them for another winter. Thanks. Now I know where that sneaky guy got to…

  2. morick58 Says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  3. I like his bike!

  4. Pondero Says:

    What an excellent ride! It was one of those “gift” rides that I didn’t anticipate. But Tracy’s generous hospitality made it happen. It was quiet and (as the photos illustrate) beautiful. While there were some similarities with my Denton County excursions, I’ve never seen such glass-smooth county roads.

    Ride with the Springfield Cyclist if you get the chance. It’s all good.

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