Positive Feedback

I mentioned here that the street surface on Central east of National was in the process of being repaved.  One of the benefits of that repaving was that the traffic signals at the intersection got switched over to timed mode instead of operating from the sensors and the old sensors were ripped out in the process.  Those sensors had been the bane of my existance for as long as I’ve been riding to work.  They never triggered for my bicycle, forcing me to wait inordinately long to get across National most mornings.  I hated them!

It was so nice to have that intersection on a timer.  I knew that not long after rolling up it would give me the green and I didn’t have to worrry about trying to find a gap in traffic to run the light or waiting for a car to trigger it for me. 

Yesterday, however, new slots for the sensors were being cut into the pavment, so it’s inevitable that they will be back.  I noticed there was a city vehicle parked on the curb while the contractor did his thing, so I rolled up to the window and spoke to the lady overseeing the work.  “Hey, since sensors are going back in here, could I lobby for them to be bike friendly?”.

She was very nice, and after I explained how bad they had been for so long, she took my number and said she would have the “bike guy” call me.  Well, I certainly didn’t expect that!

Later in the morning, David Hutchison called me.  He was cordial, and assured me the new sensor would detect my bike just fine.  I appreciated the fact that City employees were willing to follow up with me about my concern.

I think that attitude is one of the reasons that Springfield is getting more “bike friendly” all the time.

God bless…


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4 Comments on “Positive Feedback”

  1. Pondero Says:

    Cool story. It’s nice to know someone is thinking about your needs.

  2. Steve A Says:

    I want to read about the results and I pray they aren’t too long in coming! YGG

  3. Jim Phillips Says:

    Outstanding! I’ve been kind of hard on the City for recent bike lanes but I do think Springfield is really trying.

  4. RANTWICK Says:

    Yep, local govt can really be quite responsive sometimes compared to other levels. Gotta like that.

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