It’s that time…


Well, it’s that time of year again.  Unless something drastic happens, today was our last early morning tandem ride of the summer.  It’s just getting too dark out there to be enjoyable for Pam.  The picture above is the view in our headlight as we started down the drive at 5:30 am.

I will say, however, that today’s ride was enjoybable, but a little action filled.

  • We met a runner with an energetic dog on our way out of the neighborhood at 30 mph.  When we’re out running, that dog tries to come see us and we were concerned it might try the same thing today and get in our way.
  • Since school has started, traffic is heavier than normal.
  • An opossum in the ditch scared Pam.
  • A car passed us from behind in the other lane.  Normally, that’s great, but this one managed to do it just at the point where it sandwiched an armadillo between it and us.  We weren’t sure if the thing was going to try to run under us or not.
  • A rabbit nearly bought an early grave under our front wheel.
  • Our turn-around point was filled with the Rogersville cross country team and a car trying to let a late runner out to catch the group.  Turning the tandem 180 degrees in the width of a county road is an exercise in care, balance, precision and luck at best.  Throw those distractions in our way, and it’s a wonder we didn’t have to dismount to get turned around!

We finished with an average speed of 16.7 mph, which is pretty consistent with what we’ve been doing all year for that route.  I also felt pretty strong the entire ride and on my commute to work.  That was a decent way to end.

God bless…





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3 Comments on “It’s that time…”

  1. Steve A Says:

    The darkness is definitely gathering earlier each morning lately…

  2. Steve A Says:

    Perhaps it’s time to trade some Lake boots for “the flamethrower.”

  3. rlhoover Says:

    With events like these I can see why you are ready to hang up the a.m. ride for the season. I see plenty of rabbits myself on the a.m. commute and sometime they startle me, but not close calls so far.

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