Spur of the moment ride

I’m really fortunate to live where I do.  I’m right on the edge of town and can be out on quiet country roads in just a few minutes.  It makes it easy to take off on a bike ride with just a moment’s notice.  That’s what I did Sunday afternoon.  Things got kinda quiet, so I decided I would take advantage of the 50 degree weather to get my road bike out for a spin.  I knew I had about an hour and a half, so I decided on my 23 mile “Long High School” loop, got dressed, pumped up the tires, and headed out.

As usual, it took several miles to reacquaint myself with the road bike.  The Madone is just so nimble and geared so differently from my other bikes  that it takes a while to settle into a smooth, efficient spin.  It didn’t help that there was a respectable wind blowing from the northeast to push me around a little bit, making me feel pretty slow out of the gate.

Part of that slowness may have been due to the 8 miles Pam and I ran on Saturday.  I noticed my quads and hamstrings were a little tender, but that worked itself out as I rode and by the time I got home, I was just feeling pleasantly tired.

As soon as you get up the hill at Turner’s, the terrain out in that area turns pretty darn flat.  It’s excellent grassland, and there are a couple of really big hay operations out there in addition to the beef and dairy farms, but in terms of cycling, it’s the kind of place where it’s really fun to just put your head down and pedal fairly hard.  Unfortunately, there was just enough wind that I never really felt like I was flying!  Or maybe, that’s because I’m just not fast enough anymore to feel like I’m flying.  I’m not sure which….

I didn’t see another cyclist the entire time I was out, which is really a shame.  The weather around here is getting kind of persnickety and we’re not going to get a lot of decent riding days before now and the end of the year.  You can rest assured I’ll be taking advantage of these remaining nice days as best as I can.

I made it home in an hour and 20 minutes, well within my allotted time.  Here are links to the GPS track.

Garmin Connect



God bless…









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One Comment on “Spur of the moment ride”

  1. bgddyjim Says:

    Persnickety is one of the most underused words in the language. I love that word – thanks for doing your part to keep it alive…

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