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Ho Hum….What day is this?

They’re all kinda running together.  All these commutes, I mean.  The weather is stuck in a pattern of carbon copies, and so are my commutes.  Cold (below freezing) in the morning and somewhat moderate in the evening.  Barely light in the morning and mostly dark in the evening.  Light traffic in the morning and heavy traffic in the evening.  Sameness.  Familiarity.  Consistency.

That theme surfaced again over the past several days when I decided to start tracking the actual moving time for my commute.  Before I started tracking it, I pretty much had figured out that my longer route to and from work (10.25ish miles each way) consisted of around 80 minutes total pedaling time.  Well, my statistical research proved it.  The most variance I’ve had from that has been +/- 2 minutes.  Never faster than 78 minutes and never slower than 82 minutes.  No wonder it all feels the same.

Could this be called the Winter Doldrums?

God bless…



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4 Comments on “Yawn!”

  1. Frank Burns Says:

    Doldrums? They say that one definition of ‘insanity’ is to keep doing the same thing, and hope for different results. Not suggesting your are insane……..but you have to do the same thing every day….that is the nature of commuting. Solution? Live in several different houses……………….;0)

  2. Steve A Says:

    Not to worry; soon will come the weather that separates the serious from the casual. Lakes or not. Ready or not.

  3. rlhoover Says:

    Jan and I saw and greeted you and Jim tonight. “Doldrums’ does not describe Ingram Mill Road at night! You guys looked good with the lights and reflective clothing and all. Take care.

  4. Jim Phillips Says:

    Had you only been on your bike Ron, we could have obtained the cycling blogger tri-fecta when we all three converged on that corner at the same time.

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