Another Great One


Wow!  I can’t believe we managed to get yet another Saturday tandem ride in this fall!  Every week we think that was probably it, but given what we’ve got going the next couple of weekends, the probability is high that this really might be the last one for a while.


Mike was on his new bike Saturday.  It’s a Soma Stanyan  frameset that he built up to a pretty nice longer distance bike.  The picture doesn’t do it justice…it’s beautiful, although I couldn’t help but give him grief over the ghetto looking white wall tires!


Jim joined us Saturday as well.  Actually, he rode 30 miles before joining us, so he had the high mileage for the day!  You couldn’t tell it, though…He’s strong and fast!


Our plan for the day was to ride 17 miles to Strafford, take a break at the c-store, then head for home.  The first several miles were with the wind at our backs, so we were feeling pretty good.  After the hard winds we rode in the last couple of weeks, this was heaven!  Both Pam and I were a little concerned that we might pay the piper later on, but it didn’t happen.  The wind was light enough that heading into it wasn’t very noticeable.  I guess it’s all relative – the breeze we had wasn’t anything compared to the 25-30 mph winds on those rides.


As we started getting close to Strafford, Mike dropped off the back, causing us to wonder what was up.  Was he bonking?  Was that new bike that much heavier that it was slowing him down?  When he pulled in, we found out he was having derailleur problems and couldn’t shift down past his third cog on the back.  No wonder he slowed down!

Pam laughingly captioned the picture above “How many guys does it take to work on a bike?”.  Well, without a work-stand, it takes three.  One to hold the bike up, one to shift gears, and one to adjust the derailleur.  Don’t give us grief over it!


With the bike adjusted and Snicker’s bars consumed, turned our sights toward home.  It didn’t take long before we realized that it was already feeling cooler.  Although it was only mid-afternoon, with the sun  already starting to get low in the sky, Pam switched back to her full-fingered gloves.  We had both started out with them and shed them after about 10 miles.


Our lone wildlife sighting for the day was a big doe that bounded across the road in front of us after we crossed Pierson Creek on the way back.  It’s the last weekend of deer season around here, so we considered it to be a “survivor”.  Needless to say, we had to look quickly before she was gone.

We pulled into the house with 30.7 miles behind us and an average speed of 15.6 mph.  Thirty miles seems to be about the right distance for us this time of year.  It’s long enough to feel like we’ve accomplished something, but not so far as to wear us completely out.  We both felt good when we finished, and it was great to ride with both Mike and Jim.

You can click the map above to see the full GPS track.  It’s on Strava also.

God bless…


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One Comment on “Another Great One”

  1. Jim Phillips Says:

    It was a great afternoon to be out! Thanks for having me along again.

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