Back to the Grind


Who would have thought I would have been sweating so badly on the way to work on December 3rd?  Warm, humid, and windy were the watch words for my first commute back after vacation.    With the burst of unseasonable weather, I saw two other bike commuters on the way in.  Both were familiar faces in familiar places, so they were some of the occasional “regulars” I see.


When I got to work, I discovered a second bike locker had been installed.  That’s good news!  There can be up to 5 or 6 of us that ride fairly regularly in decent weather, and we were told that if the one was continually in use and people were still bringing bikes inside they would install the second.  I can say I did my part to keep the first one full everyday!

God bless…



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2 Comments on “Back to the Grind”

  1. welshcyclist Says:

    That’s the kind of unseasonable weather I’d love to see here in South Wales, but the temperature is starting to drop, ice on the roads means no commuting for me. Hope the weather continues to treat you well. Cheers.

  2. jam788 Says:

    Central PA – same deal – loving my commute !

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