Paying it forward

I try not to be a hoarder.  My general rule is that if it’s laying around and not getting used, it should go.  I think that came about many years ago when my grandmother passed away.  Pam and I had the pleasure/ordeal of helping clean out her house.  What a mess – we found homemade canned goods in the garage that must have been 25 years old.  It was downright scary.

Based on that, I tend to be pretty conservative about the bike parts I keep, trying to find a balance between what is usable and likely to be used again versus what is just going to clutter my garage.  On the blog, however, I don’t tend to worry about clutter very much.  I figure the more content I have out there, the more likely it is that someone might find something useful from my rambling.  A good case in point is this post.    It dates from May of 2009, and is my second most popular post ever.

In fact, just the other day, Chad mentioned he had read it.  He’s been commuting to work, but since his road bike doesn’t have braze-on’s for a rack, he’s been using a backpack.  I’ve only ridden with a backpack a couple of times, and in my view, it’s probably the least desirable option for a regular commuter.  Chad says he’s been feeling the same way and was thinking about trying to do something along the lines of what I described in the post.

That got me thinking….I was pretty sure I still had everything he might need out on top of my workbench, and what better way to clean some clutter than by helping someone out with a need.  I went home and looked for all the parts and found them scattered in a couple of different spots.  I could give him a working rack.  Then, I had another thought.  I hadn’t gotten around to disposing of the left pannier from my original Nashbar set.  I knew I would never use it again, but had kept it around in hopes of finding it a home.  Mission accomplished!

001 003 002


Chad got the rack installed on his bike, and it seems to be working out for him.  When I saw him this morning, he was very enthusiastic about his first commute with the rack and pannier.   As for me, I’m feeling good that some of my unused stuff has been put back into service!

Now, if I could just get Pam to do something about the clutter she’s got in my attic…..

God bless!


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4 Comments on “Paying it forward”

  1. My parents are 80 years old and when they die we are going to have a rather large dumpster pull up in front of their house and throw away everything. Since both of my parents hated to throw anything out their house would take forever to go through. As a result, I try to keep very little around our house. My motto is: When in doubt, throw it out.

  2. Steve A Says:

    It is good to see you saved someone from cycling with a backpack. He’ll love not having a sweaty back. As for the hoarding – well, partially guilty, though I only keep the good stuff.

  3. Steve A Says:

    BTW, are you hoarding Lake Winter Boots?

  4. I’m trying to get the courage to sell my first road bike so this was good inspiration. I’m not there yet, haha, but it could be a good way to pay it forward and get another girl on a bike :)

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