I’m in a good mood

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Except for one little dark circle (check back tomorrow for details), this week has been a marvelous week so far for bike commuting.  Decent to warm temperatures, low traffic and a few delightful sky-shows make it all worthwhile.

Rumor has it that the rest of the week may not be so nice, so I thought I better post while I was still in a good mood!

God bless…



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4 Comments on “I’m in a good mood”

  1. Michael Says:

    Not sure if that’s sunrise or sunset, but it’s pretty either way,

  2. bgddyjim Says:

    Yup, hold on to your butt, it’s all over but the shouting.

  3. Dennis O Says:

    I am a fair weather rider. At what point does it get too windy to ride safely? Like today?

  4. I pulled the plug on the morning commute this morning because of the wind. We went out to run and felt the full force of it a few times. It would have been enough to move the bike 3-4 feet to the side, which is not conducive to safe riding in traffic.

    I’m hard-core, but not foolhardy!

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