No evidence, but fenders rock

I had a pretty good chuckle at Phil’s expense Monday morning, but I couldn’t bring myself to whip out the camera in the locker room for documentation purposes.  Can you blame me?

Anyway, we had an absolutely delightfully warm morning.  It was 59 degrees when I left the house on my Surly.  I enjoyed the warm humid air and the wet streets.

Phil, on the other hand, didn’t enjoy those same wet streets nearly as much as I did.  He was nearly black from head to toe…and was dressed in a white kit.

Phil, my friend, that’s why fenders rock!

fenders rock

God bless….


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6 Comments on “No evidence, but fenders rock”

  1. welshcyclist Says:

    Fenders do rock, as you say, we’re having torrential rain in these parts at the moment, without them my feet would be soaking in minutes.

  2. RANTWICK Says:

    Fenders! Yah! Woot woot!

  3. Yeah…I love em too…Never understand why more people don’t fit them…

  4. Steve A Says:

    As I age, I find I like warm weather and fenders more…

  5. Bill Lambert Says:

    I’d say your friends dirty white kit is pretty good evidence fenders rock!

  6. rlhoover Says:

    Once I got fenders, I loved the commute all that much more!

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