Friday Fitness – 2/1/2013


I’ve made a committed effort this week to try and let my self-diagnosed tennis elbow heal.  That means no weight lifting at all.  To offset that, Pam and I have been walking in the mornings, and that has been a pleasant little interlude.  And, I can tell the elbow is better…just not ready to resume full activity.

We had a bit of weather nastiness Thursday evening and laziness Friday morning when it was 7 degrees so I missed one full commute and half of another one.  In spite of that, I managed to hit my unmentioned cycling goal of 500 miles for January, and ended up running 80 miles as well.  With one January run still to be uploaded, here are the results of my Strava Base Mile Challenge:



4.9 mile run

39.2 mile ride to Phenix


Day of Rest that drove me crazy!


3.5 mile walk

2.8 mile walk

20.4 mile bike commute (shorts in the evening)


4.3 mile run

19.5 mile bike commute (raining in the evening)


3.7 mile walk

19.x mile bike commute


4.3 mile run (forgot to upload it)

10.2 mile bike commute


60 minute spin bike ride

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