Super Sunday Ride

square tire

Well, I had an extremely busy weekend.  It was one of those where “stuff” was jam-packed into every available time slot, with barely time to breath between.  By Sunday afternoon, however, I was fed up with all the busyness, so I dumped an activity and cleared up an hour and a half to go for a bike ride.

As I was pumping the tires of the Madone, I nervously eyed the squared off back tire.  I had a flat on it last weekend, and have been watching it closely since before Ride the Rockies last year.  I decided it had at least another 20ish miles left in it and headed out for a somewhat windy ride on a sunny afternoon.

It didn’t take long to figure out that the Sunday afternoon of the Super Bowl was the time to go for a ride.  Traffic was practically non-existent, especially out on the country roads.  Oh!  Here’s a side note.  Afterwards, Pam and I went to visit our ailing parents, then stopped for supper at Panera Bread.  I was literally the only guy in the place and it was also practically deserted.  Pam kept saying, “We should go shopping while nobody is out!”.  Needless to say, I didn’t take her up on it.

As I came around the last curve of the Turners Backside climb, I saw a rider in front of me that I didn’t realize was there.  He was probably about a quarter of a mile in front of me, but I realized I must have closed the gap coming up the hill.  He continued straight and I turned left at the top of the hill.  Several minutes later, I saw him again at Farm Roads 227 and 164 when he pulled out in front of me, slightly closer this time.  It was fairly flat at that point, so I figured he would outpace me (most people do that pretty easily on the flats), but I was faster on the hills and there were just enough up-grades in the next mile or so that I managed to reel him in and pass him.  He was a younger guy than me, pretty athletic looking, but bigger.  That’s where I have a distinct advantage….I’m a little enough guy and strong enough that I deal with hills really well.

I looped around the high school and headed for home across Kinser Bridge, then at the last minute decided to continue on Battlefield to Blackman instead of going past Peckers Beach.  I think that ended up adding a little more climbing, which should be beneficial for my August CRMBT ride.


You can click the map above to see the full GPS track.

God bless…


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