My favorite smoothie recipe

Since I talked about food in yesterday’s post, I thought I would share another of my favorites with you.  I’m a sucker for ice cream.  In fact, ice cream could be my downfall if I let it.  I’ve found, however, that a creamy smoothie is just as satisfying, and a whole lot healthier.  When Pam and I need a few extra calories after supper or after a long bike ride, I’ll whip us up a smoothie for dessert that’s every bit as good as a milk shake.

The recipe below is our favorite, but the base ingredients (protein powder, milk, vanilla greek yogurt) can be combined with any other frozen fruit to create just about any flavor combination you like.  With most other fruits, we omit the whip cream, and will often use Lactose Free, Fat Free milk.  Something like almond milk would probably be just as good, but we’ve never tried it in a smoothie.

Start with a tall glass of crushed ice in your blender and add the ingredients below.  We usually freeze the yogurt and cool whip to give it a thicker consistency.

Strawberry Cream Smoothie (makes two servings) Calories Carbs Fat Protein
Body by Vi – Vi-Shape Protein Shake Mix, 2 rounded scoops 45 4 1 6
Wal-Mart Great Value – 1% Low Fat Milk, 1 cup 55 7 1 4
Dannon Oikos – Greek Nonfat Yogurt Vanilla, 1 5.4 oz container 60 10 0 6
Great Value – Frozen Whole Strawberries No Sugar Added 2 cups 50 13 0 0
Cool Whip – Whip Cream, 4 Tbsp 25 2 2 0
Total for one serving **                                                      235         36      4     16          

** this recipe makes two large servings.  The nutrition content shown is only for one serving.

God bless….and enjoy!


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2 Comments on “My favorite smoothie recipe”

  1. jays35 Says:

    Looks good and will add to my list.

  2. bgddyjim Says:

    Or… “I’ve found, however, that a creamy smoothie is just as satisfying” especially when you put ICE CREAM IN IT! WOOHOO! You’re brilliant!

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