Under the Stars


Mike and I went for our first night ride of the year on Tuesday evening.  After a high temperature near 60 degrees and the ability to ride home sans jacket, we figured the evening air would feel pretty good.  We mis-judged that!  It got cold faster than we anticipated.  While we didn’t suffer very much, we knew not to dally or the sweat we worked up would end up working against us!


Our route was the good ole’ standby long loop around the high school, and was for the most part, pretty uneventful.  The stars were brilliant, and we encountered a group of star-gazers out in the field like we’ve seen one other time.  We stopped to chat and found that the woman with the telescope teaches astronomy at OTC here in town.  They were just packing up as we arrived, but it seems her audience this time were her young nieces and nephews (we think they lived in the house across the road).

We had a good time, arriving home at just the appointed time to keep my word to my wife.  We’ll do it again the next time we get an unseasonably warm evening!


You can click the map above for the Strava track.

God bless…


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4 Comments on “Under the Stars”

  1. Conway Training Says:

    Cycling under the stars is one of the greatest feelings! When it’s cold, that just means you have to pedal harder to get warm :)

  2. bgddyjim Says:

    I’m jealous! We got enough snow for half a season last night.

  3. younger bigger Losey boy Says:

    That feller’s really fallen off the color coordination wagon since the demise of the “blue”, bike.


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