Special Delivery



new garmin


WhooHoo!  Check out the delivery I got today!

My old Garmin Edge 305 is as old as the hills as far as electronics go, and finally collected enough annoying issues that I could justify to myself the need to spend money on a new one.

A couple of years ago, it developed an annoying habit of turning itself off on rough roads.  I’m not sure what that was about, but it’s as if it had some sort of humpty dumpty mentality that it was about to fall and break when I hit a rough patch.  I sort of solved that problem by moving it from the top of the bar down to the stem.  I never could understand why that actually did anything unless it changed the dynamics of the bumping around.  It makes sense that the stem might be a little more of a stable platform than the handlebar, but I’m not smart enough to figure out how or why it might make a difference but it did work a lot more consistently after I moved it.

Then, about a year ago, the down button stopped working.  That’s an annoyance if you want to change anything in the configuration or look at any history, but it didn’t bother me too much because most of the menu functions will eventually cycle around if you use the up button.  I got by…except for the time I added a field to the screen by accident.  That’s one function that wouldn’t let you cycle around.  I was stuck with it!

But, the straw that broke the camel’s back was the loss of the altimeter.  I mean, come on!  You’ve gotta have access to that climb data to have bragging rights!  If you’re one of the two people who watch my Strava feed, you might have noticed that for a while it looked like I was climbing Mount Everest every time I got on the bike.  Then, I tried to fix it by doing a hard reset, and every bike ride ends up with zero feet ascending and descending.  I can’t live with that!

The Edge 500 isn’t exactly new technology, but I felt like it had the right features for the way I use it.

It’ll get it’s maiden voyage tomorrow.

God bless….


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3 Comments on “Special Delivery”

  1. I’m still using the Garmin Edge 605 that I purchased about five years ago….I would really like one of the new 801 models but as my 605 seems to still be working ok I can’t really justify the expenditure….Technology moves so fast that using a five year old piece of kit almost makes me feel guilty….:-)

  2. DummyDiva Says:

    I love my 800 (Garmin). How was the maiden voyage with it? I still don’t use all my features…….

  3. You know…the maiden voyage was low key. It works just about like the old one…just more fields!

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