On the commuting front

bar mitts 2

  • I really like it that we’re now in Daylight Savings Time.  I don’t mind riding in the darkness during the morning, and don’t feel like I’m racing darkness in the evening.  Don’t tell Pam, but I’ll now be looking for opportunities to extend that afternoon ride!
  • We can’t quite shake the cold weather around here, but we’re to the point where it isn’t painful.  Morning commutes have consistently been in the upper 20′s and evening commutes are in the 40′s and 50′s.  I’m looking forward to the point where I can take the bar mitts off the bike, but we’re not quite there yet.
  • The bane of springtime commuting for me is the constant wind.  So far, it’s mostly been from the northwest, meaning I’m fighting it on the way to work.  I seem to deal with it better if I can fight it on the way home.  Otherwise, it just seems to grind me down.
  • Since installing the Mr. Tuffy tire liners, I’ve not had any additional problems.  My first impressions are somewhat favorable.  It seems like I’m getting a bit of a harsher ride, and may not be able to spin up as fast.  Being the first time trying to install them, they were about as frustrating to get into place as I expected.  I more or less had to go by faith that they would end up centered in the tire.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will work out in the long run.
  • I’ve changed my morning route to work lately.  I initially started going a different way to avoid all the junk causing my flat tires on Trafficway, but then decided the Southern Hills Climb would be good training for my CRMBT trip in August.  It’s 1.4 miles of consistent climbing, followed by a couple other dips and doodles that are enough to get my heart rate up.  Besides…I kinda like going up!


God bless…


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One Comment on “On the commuting front”

  1. Steve A Says:

    I have a daylight trip home even in December, so I’m not as much a fan of DST.

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