Where was the sun?


On the surface, one would have expected Saturday’s ride to look and feel a lot like the ride Mike and I took the previous Saturday.   Similar length, similar hills, same stinkin’ wind, and even a somewhat similar temperature.  But it wasn’t….

The wind had turned and was coming at us pretty strongly from the north, and it had a bit of a bite to it.  In addition, the sun stayed hidden behind clouds all afternoon.  I dressed exactly as the prior week, and never really got comfortably warm.  That in itself made for kind of a long ride.


For the second straight week, we had a water hazard.   This one was at Pierson Creek just below Danforth Cemetery.   This week, however, I managed to keep my feet dry.  Mike wasn’t so lucky, and he said his left foot was cold all afternoon!

With the wind from the northeast, we planned our ride to fight it early, then ride with it on the way home.  That worked out well for us, although we ended up fighting it for 30 miles, as opposed to getting pushed back only 21 miles.  That made for a really long, boring, and slow slog out to Fair Grove.


At one point, I was even wondering if we had allotted enough time to get home at the time I told Pam to look for me.  I usually have a pretty good handle on how long it will take, and I didn’t want her to worry that we were running behind.   Luckily, our fortunes changed after taking a break at the c-store (me) and Subway (Mike) in Fair Grove.



That wind felt good as we left town, but we didn’t really feel the benefit of it until we had gotten up the Ugly Sisters and out of the Little Sac Valley.

After that, though, look out!  We were on the flats again and it gave us a really nice push no matter what direction we turned.  As Mike happily told his wife later, “We went fast!”.

I’m disappointed I  didn’t think to check our average speed at Fair Grove or grab a lap on the Garmin.  If I had, it would have been a tale of two rides!

As we neared town, I checked our time and predicted we would be somewhere around 3 hours 15 minutes.  I always consider a 3 hour moving time to be a decent performance for fifty miles, so given the slow pace of the first thirty, that fast portion of the ride made a huge difference.

We ended up with my predicted 3:15 riding time for the 51.86 miles, so we weren’t actually very far off that 3 hour standard.

map 3-16-2013

You can click the map above for the full GPS track.

God bless…


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