Blog Post Sameness

You know, sometimes in our daily grinds we find ourselves on a treadmill working away but not making any progress.  I don’t know about you, but there are times when my days just kind of dissolve into a routine of sameness.

It even affects my cycling.  Often through the grind of winter, my daily commutes take on a repetitiveness and predictability that is almost mundane.  It’s hard to blog about those commutes without saying the same thing over and over.  I suppose I could just use the good old cut and paste commands to make it easy on myself, but the two of you who actually read the blog would quickly disappear into the woodwork.

I really do make an effort to make each post unique and interesting, and try to limit the re-use of material.  Yesterday’s post, however, was a major fail in that regard!

Check out this picture from a post dated 3/25/2012.

Now, compare it to this picture from yesterday’s post,  just one week short of a year later.

Yep…same cyclist.  Same road.  Same water crossing.

I’m just glad he had on different clothes….

God bless…


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8 Comments on “Blog Post Sameness”

  1. RANTWICK Says:

    That’s actually kind of neat. What are the odds, really?

  2. bgddyjim Says:

    I find it fascinating actually – his feet are almost in the exact same position! That’s crazy cool.

    Imao your being a little hard on the Beav, Ward. I always look forward to your posts. I suit up and do battle at work every day, I wish I could put it simply but it won’t fit in a comment… You may not see it (because you’re living it) but reading your posts show a live lived well and simply. To a guy going 120 miles an hour for twelve hours in a row it’s a breath of fresh air… Relaxing. Right or wrong, when I read that God Bless at the end I feel that you mean it and it feels good. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and please keep on keeping on.

  3. limomaroni Says:

    I call Photoshop!

  4. Neither one…I promise!

  5. Steve A Says:

    Both of us that read your blog have the same problem!

  6. nacho243 Says:

    I really enjoy your blog, Tracy. I have yet to delete one. I am here every day and when there isn’t one I just feel like the day has not yet been completed. So keep posting. I just don’t make a comment every time.

  7. welshcyclist Says:

    I reckon that cyclist is slimmer and fitter than last year.

  8. Thanks, Mr. Welsh. Jim’s cool. Yeah what he said.

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