Company on my commute.

I had company on the ride home last night!

As I was waiting on traffic to pull out of CU’s parking lot onto Central Street, I noticed a tall rider heading south on Jefferson who was obviously a bike commuter.  I’m not sure why, but for some reason I’m always very sensitive to folks I consider to be commuters as opposed to just people riding bikes.  Maybe I’m an elitist snob or something, but I like knowing how many other folks are out there doing what I do on a regular basis.   Anyway, just as I noticed this guy, he starts waving to me and I recognized Ron.


He waited for me at the corner, and we continued our ritual of exchanging pictures for our respective blogs, then turned together to head for home.  Rather than taking my normal route through MSU and down Fremont, we took his standard path down Trafficway and Barnes.


As we wound our way along the bike route, I happened to glance back and catch Ron talking on the telephone.

important call

I guess he’s better at multi-tasking than I am.  Invariably, Pam or my son tries to call me when they should know I’ll be riding.  Because my phone is usually buried under a jacket, isn’t very easy to answer one handed, and because I don’t want to risk dropping it, I typically ignore those calls.  Unfortunately, that can sometimes get me in hot water with Pam.  Come to think about it, do you suppose maybe that’s why Ron answers?

Traffic was heavy on Barnes and I remembered that as the reason I never go home that way.  I was thinking, “Man, I’m not sure how you stand this every day”, when Ron reminded me that he usually comes through a couple of hours earlier when traffic not nearly so bad.  We did survive, although at one intersection, we experienced gridlock when a car wouldn’t take their turn through the intersection.  When she finally did, she did so with a squealing of tires that caused the motorist waiting with us for her to go to just shake his head.

After dropping Ron at his turn-off, I continued on alone toward home, and I’ll be honest and admit that as I began to pick up the pace a bit I started grumbling about the wind.  I also discovered that as I put more effort into the pedals that I was way over dressed!  Unzipping my jacket helped, but it wasn’t until I finally uncovered my ears that I started feeling more comfortable.  I’m almost as much of a pansy about my ears as I am my hands and can often be found wearing my sock hat under my helmet long after most guys have gone bare-eared.



I ended the day with two laps down and up the hill on Sunset.  The elevation profile kinda looks like an EKG, doesn’t it?  At any rate, it was enough to get my heart thumping.

God bless…


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