People I See 4/8/2013



The other night on the way home from work I noticed a guy kneeling by the street with his bike parked on the sidewalk.  He was on Bennett, just west of Glenstone, and as I approached, I saw he had a tape measure and was measuring the new bike-lane-to-be.  Sure enough, it was Andy.  If you check out his blog, you’ll see that he is passionate about urban cycling and making Springfield a better place for pedestrian and transportation cycling.

I stopped to say “hi”, and found that he had determined the new bike lane will meet minimum standards, but no more.  Interestingly, as we were standing there in the lane, I noticed a car pass us and continue it’s way down Bennett with it’s right tires just inches from where the white line will be.  That’s why when that line gets marked, you’ll see me riding on top of it to force those cars to give me a margin of safety when they pass.

God bless…



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4 Comments on “People I See 4/8/2013”

  1. Dennis O Says:

    I rode the bike lanes on S Blackman this week and felt as if the cars were going faster and closer to me than the cars do on AA during our Tuesday Pleasant View club ride.

  2. Yeah, those lanes on Blackman are problems. First, half of the bike lane is actually curb gutter, so you only have about 18 inches of usable pavement.

    Then, that area is notorious about people in expensive SUV’s that are in a hurry. The best bet is to ride to the street side of the bike lane marking. There’s a turn lane the entire distance, so there’s plenty of space for cars to get around you if they will.

    By being what I call “aggressively safe”, you can force them to give you wide berth most of the time.

  3. Steve A Says:

    You be safe. I’ll try to do likewise…

  4. acline Says:

    I have lots of video demonstrating that motorists will pass you closer and faster if you ride in a bicycle lane. That white line, however, will not hold by a 2-ton vehicle. I also have lots of video demonstrating that lane control leads to motorists changing lanes to pass — exactly what he Missouri Driver’s Guide tells them to do. Hmmmmm… which behavior do I prefer ;-)

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