Drizzle Ride


Well, it wasn’t the best of days for a ride, but the cold weather and rain/snow is on the way out.  After forcing myself to take a rest day on Friday and chafing through a cold and wet Saturday morning, I finally deemed it warm and dry enough to ride by about 1:30 Saturday.

Not trusting the weather, I grabbed the Surly, thinking that I might appreciate the fenders at some point.  In the end, the roads were still wet enough that my road bike would have been a mess had I taken it out.


The skies just couldn’t decide what to do but luckily it never really got too bad.   I would ride in drizzle for a while, then it might turn to sleet, then drizzle again, then it would quit.  Then, it would repeat itself on a consistent cycle of about 10 minutes.

I had told Pam I would be about two hours, so that meant I was limited to about 30 miles.  One option for that is to go ride the hills on Farm Road 249 just east of Strafford, so that’s where I headed.


The dogwoods are in full bloom, and were very evident out on 249.  There is a nice stand of pine trees out there and the white dogwoods interspersed made a nice contrast to the green pines.

For some reason, I never felt like I could get into a good groove on this ride.  The wind was blowing a little, and it seemed one of those days where it was impossible to get it as a tailwind.  In addition, the air just felt thick and heavy.  It was just about 45 degrees, and based on those factors, it was a struggle to finish with a 15.8 mph average speed.

I managed to finish at my driveway in exactly 1 hour and 59 minutes.  I suppose I probably missed my two hour projection in terms of clock time because I made one pit stop in Strafford, but I made sure to point out to Pam that my riding time was within the projection!

You can click the map below for the full GPS track.


God bless…


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2 Comments on “Drizzle Ride”

  1. From 17.9 – 19.6 are dead flat. I would have thought that impossible in our neighborhood.

  2. Yeah…that’s basically inside the city limits of Strafford.

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