I took off  late Thursday afternoon to ride part of the route I had planned for the solo century that got preempted by the grandbaby earlier in the week.  I had planned a southern leg that went down through the outskirts of Ozark to nearly Sparta, and a northern leg through Strafford and Fair Grove.  Because the southern leg was some newer roads to me, that’s what I chose.  Pam was at a work function, so I knew I had at least a couple of hours before I would be expected back.


With forecasts for rain later in the evening, the skies were a dreary gray and there was a little wind from the northwest.  Between those things, it wasn’t the most pleasant day to be out, but it was at least warm enough for shorts and a long sleeve base layer.

I was pedaling easily, and the miles just flew by.  Before I knew it, I had passed down Smyrna road, up McCracken, had wandered over and beyond J Highway and was crossing the Finley river for the second time.  I was right with the world, and the world was right with me.  Traffic was virtually non-existent, and the dogs behaved as well.

As I passed through Rogersville, I encountered a bit of an obstacle to my progress:


Yep..a train stopped on the siding.  As I approached, I was pretty sure I could hear a westbound train coming, so I figured it would be just a few minutes.  Sure enough, within about two minutes, here comes the westbounder, and it was a long one!  It finally passed, so I patiently waited for the eastbound train to clear itself out of my way.  And waited…and waited…and waited.  Finally, I decided it must be waiting for another westbound train, so I turned around and headed back to FR183 to get around it.

When I got home, I was astounded to see an 18 mph average speed for the 40 miles.  I felt like I was riding fairly easily, and although there were some fairly flat spots around Rogersville, it was hilly further south.  I guess it just goes to show that a day off every now and again is beneficial!

map 5-09-2013

You can click the link above for the full GPS track.

God bless…


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3 Comments on “Surprised”

  1. Such beautiful pictures. It is truly a lovely route.

  2. rlhoover Says:

    I hope that barn can be full of hay later on.

  3. Michael Says:

    I love being surprised by days like that, just wish they came around more often.

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