They won’t melt.





I just had to grin.  Yesterday on the way home from work, I got caught in a rain shower.  It wasn’t a big deal.  It started raining as I crossed the King Bridge, so I rode a couple of blocks further to be sure it was really going to  keep it up and stopped under an awning to pull out my rain jacket.  With that taken care of, I casually continued toward home.


It was actually one of those nice little showers that seemed to come up out of nowhere.  I noticed several people walking who seemed to have been caught out in it as well.  Like me, they were making the best of it, although I didn’t see a single umbrella on the way home.

As I pulled up to the stoplight at Sunshine, I noticed a couple of roadies huddled together underneath the bank awning trying to stay dry.  They looked so pathetically miserable under there that I was in the process of pulling out my camera when a car pulled up and blocked my view.  Rats!  It would have been a great picture!

Anyway, as I was waiting there in the rain for the light to turn, I glanced down at my feet and noticed the running water I was standing in.


I had to grin at the idea that at least those two weren’t standing in running water, but then thought to myself, “Well, I know I won’t melt in the rain”.  And you know what?  I was kinda enjoying myself out there splashing around in the puddles!

God bless…and get out from under the awnings!


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5 Comments on “They won’t melt.”

  1. morick58 Says:

    I thought that was you! :) I was surprised when you didn’t pull out your camera. I had a self-contained jacket strapped to my waist but my friend did not. Even though both of us rode in the rain in the Tour de Crawdad, he did not enjoy himself and prefers not to ride in the rain. We did wait until the rain stopped and then continued out towards Strafford. I mentioned to him that I had seen you crossing MLK bridge before and thought that your were Tracy but wasn’t sure. My preference is not to ride in the rain but I have been got caught out in it on several occasions. And you’re right…..we didn’t melt!

  2. How funny. Hope I didn’t sound too disparaging or smugg.

    I’m disappointed you didn’t yell. It’s rare that I get to meet an actual person who reads this nonsense!

  3. Michael Says:

    Well, if you are going to splash around in puddles, you at least made the right shoe choice. Trying to get cycling shoes dry before the ride home is not always an easy thing to do.

  4. rlhoover Says:

    For a long time I thought that sugar was the only thing that melted in the rain, until someone looked at me and said, “So does horse manure.”

  5. Steve A Says:

    It’s lightning I don’t like.

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