Bike Envy


Oh, I’ve got it bad!  I’ve been antsy ever since we met and talked with a tandem team at Tour de Corn who were riding nearly the exact bike I’ve got spec’ed out in my mind to order this fall.  They couldn’t say enough good things about it, and were able to answer a couple of questions I couldn’t glean from the Co-Motion website.  In looking at their bike, I am now even more convinced that the “performance package”  and couplers will be worth every dollar.

Now, if that CD where we’ve had the money parked for the past couple 0f years waiting till we got closer to retirement would just mature so we could get at the cash!

In the mean time, have a great 4th!

God bless…



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2 Comments on “Bike Envy”

  1. morick58 Says:

    Probably more than one Co-Motion there but it wasn’t Rob and Liz by any chance, was it?

  2. Think we met them – yellow periscope I think. These folks were from Arkansas.

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