Patience, Grasshopper…..

after the rain


Monday morning was one of those days where we were awakened by the sound of thunder somewhere around 4:30, so when the alarm went off at 5:00 and it was still booming outside our run just wasn’t happening.  We reset the alarm, rolled over and dozed until it was time to get up for real and found that it was still thundering.  I checked the radar and saw that the real line of storms was still approaching, so I shifted into “slow and relaxed” gear and waited.  By the time I had done the morning routine, that line was still out there so I ate breakfast and lingered over a cup of coffee while I waited for the last possible minute to go out the door.

And what did I get for my patience?  Why, an absolutely gorgeous morning commute, of course!  There were a few sprinkles hanging around as I left, but not not enough to worry with and my fenders did their job on the wet roads.



I even saw Jim on the way in.

God bless…




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2 Comments on “Patience, Grasshopper…..”

  1. Sandra Says:

    We FINALLY had rain today, too! First rain for us in I believe 5 weeks. Only .4″, but glorious. I wanted to run in the rain, but there was too much thunder :-)
    Sounds like another great day for you!

  2. Jim Says:

    But the thunder and lightening make it more exciting! ;)

    Not a bad picture for over the shoulder behind your back while riding, Tracy, I’m impressed. Good to see you as always!

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