Whew!  Getting back to normal after a vacation is hard!  Now that the week is nearly over, I think I’m finally getting there.  Work has been a zoo.  Home has been a zoo.  My mind has been mush, but I think I’m finally getting the animals tamed and life back on track.  I’m back to the normal exercise routine.  I’ve been commuting by bike all week.  Things are starting to look up.

Some interesting notes from my bike commuting week:


It must be some kind of rite of passage around here.  Every time school is about to start, the fountains get loaded up with soapsuds.  This one was one of the best I’ve seen in a few years!

School actually started here in town on Wednesday and I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  I haven’t encountered any of the confused and inattentive parents driving around that have plagued me in the past.  Not sure what the difference has been this year, but I’m not complaining.


It was really rainy and stormy the week I was gone.  We came home just as the rain ended, and my yard was almost out of control.  This unfortunate homeowner is on one of my routes to work.  You can’t see the end of the tree trunk from the picture, but it looked like the ground just got too saturated to hold it upright anymore and it came crashing down.


I ran into Ron this morning on the way to work.  He’s a genuinely nice guy, and it’s always a joy to encounter him.  He was off work today and  out pleasure riding at 7:00 am.

I’m hoping to get the tandem out for a while this weekend, but feel like we need to keep it pretty short.  I’ve been missing my tandem fix the past couple of weeks, but since Pam hasn’t ridden I don’t want to overdo it.

God bless…


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5 Comments on “Normal?”

  1. Elizabeth Swadley Says:

    Enjoyed all your trip posts and Pam’s, too. Glad you’re home safe even if it does mean going back to work.

  2. claude osbern Says:

    Tracy, Thanks for passing along the beautiful pictures, of Colorado             bike ride. They bring back fond memories. You are a awesome             bike rider.                 ED. 


  3. David Rice Says:

    Hey Tracey,

    Glad you’re back. I’ve seen a GT on sale, but don’t much about them. Mike said you owned one before your Madone. It was carbon and with decent components. What was your opinion?

    I’ve completed three Metric Centuries and until Mike’s tire was shredded by broken tile, I was on my way to finish my third at around 3:48-9. Hope to be ready for a full century by Oct.

    See you at church,


  4. David,

    Wow! You’re rockin’. You might be ready for a pie run in September!

    By GT, I presume you mean Giant. I really liked that bike and would have probably kept it forever until I lucked into the Madone. I wore the back wheel out at around 10k miles and ended up replacing both to keep them matching. I really can’t tell much difference between the way that one felt and the Madone except for the difference between the compact double cranks I’ve got now and the triple on the Giant and the fact that the Madone is a little more relaxed in the fit.

    See you at church….and let’s ride again soon!


    Tracy & Pam Wilkins Springfield, MO

  5. David Rice Says:

    Took me a week to check. Work has been busy and so has life. I cheated today and rode up to the Frisco from my house and put in 80. Then I bonked. My wife was kind enough to retrieve me. New lesson: Do rest often. In 73 miles, I had rested less than 20 minutes and didn’t eat.

    GT is a brand, but not as popular as Giant. I’m really wanting to get a bike this fall. My KHS starts to beat me up after 50 miles. It’s good to have started on it though. I’m stronger and more knowledgeable from having to ride it than I would have been if I had started on a carbon.
    I like pie. You mean Golden City, Ash Grove, or Collins.

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