The long way to lunch

map 08-17

I guess we deserved a lazy Saturday for a change.    When Pam asked on Friday what we were going to do, my response was simply, “Well, I would like to ride at least thirty miles”.   With that, we didn’t set the alarm.  I didn’t plan a route.  We got up, ate a leisurely breakfast, got mostly ready to ride, then decided to go to the Farmers Market first.  By the time we actually got ready to go a second time, it was nearly 11:00 so we decided we would make it a lunch run to Subway in Rogersville.

It felt good to be back on the tandem, but we were definitely slow on way out.  I decided to loop across White Oak road first, and that put us riding into a quartering wind most of the way.  As we rode, Pam commented about how green and lush everything looks because of all the rain and cool temperatures this month.  Usually things are pretty brown and cooked this time of year.  It was especially pretty as we got into the rolling hills north of Rogersville (where the line gets squiggly in the map).  Pam found a couple of rolling hillsides with nice views where she thought we needed to build a house, but I countered that a tent might be more appropriate given the state of our budget!

After our lunch stop, we headed for home, enjoying the predominately downhill section of FR186.  After the slow slog for the first 20 miles, that next eight felt like we were flying!  We hit the house with around 35 miles under our saddles.  That felt about right, and gave us plenty of time to accomplish several things that had been ignored since we got home from Colorado.

You can click the map above for the full GPS track.

God bless…




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2 Comments on “The long way to lunch”

  1. I thought about Pam (being notorious for not liking the cool weather) Saturday a.m. as I headed out at 07:30. That p.m. when I was looking on F.B. sure enough “at farmer’s market waiting for it to warm up enough to ride” I laughed out loud enough to make Kathy come look! :)

  2. northernwalker Says:

    … Now that’s the way to do lunch!

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