New Rack


I finally got around to replacing the rear rack on the tandem.   It broke back in June, and just didn’t seem like a priority to replace immediately.

I got a Tubus Cargo evo because that’s the recommended rack for Co-Motion Tandems and we intend to move it over when we replace the Burley this fall.  Besides…I kind of like the Tubus racks.  This is the third one I’ve had.  They’re typically very light for their capacity, and very flexible in terms of installation options.

I also need to give a shout out to Wayne at TheTouringStore.Com.  The guy knows everything there is to know about racks and panniers, offers exemplary service and has good prices on just about everything he sells.   Besides, he sends you a couple of pieces of candy with every shipment!  If you need a rack or a bag, check him out!


The only complaint I’ve got about this one is the “star driver” pattern on all the installation bolts instead of the usual hex pattern of allen wrenches that I carry all  the time anyway.  I probably need to dig up a compact star driver to carry in our tandem tool kit just to be safe.

Now that I’ve finally replaced the rack, I guess we can go back to carrying inordinate amounts of clothing and other accessories on every ride!

God bless…


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4 Comments on “New Rack”

  1. Hey there!

    That star nut is called a “Torx”. A couple things about it, it doesn’t strip as quickly and it’s pretty theft deterrent as not many people carry them around in their pocket.

  2. Hey thanks! I knew there was some official name I couldn’t recall.

    I’m hoping this doesn’t mean that I’ve been “chicked”!

  3. Steve A Says:

    Why not simply replace the non-standard fasteners with ones that work with your own tools?

  4. Great idea! But I couldn’t scrounge enough of the right length bolts from my workbench. Over the years it seemed like I should have collected enough, but I seem to have used most of them for something one at a time!

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