Labor Day Roundup


I dunno why, but even though I wanted to ride every day of the holiday weekend, I wasn’t very ambitious about riding for very long.  Maybe it was all the other stuff we needed to accomplish.  It might have been me subconsciously telling myself it was time to slow down.  Or, it could have even been a lack of planning on my part.  At any rate, I was perfectly happy riding short distances every day.

Saturday was hot!  We left early and finished early.  At 30 miles, it was the longest ride of the weekend.

It cooled off on Sunday, but I’ve had this nagging paint project that I NEEDED to get started on.  After church, however, Pam started acting like a nap was the order of the afternoon, so I decided I would get out on the road bike for a short spin before I resigned myself to climbing on ladders.

map 9-01-2013

I felt like I was taking it easy, but ended up with a faster average speed than I anticipated.  I guess it was the fact that I was on the road bike for the first time in a while. Oh well…the result was that it put me in a much better mindset for painting than if I had not gone.

map 09-02-2013

Monday was another day that we simply didn’t want to be tied up on the bike all morning.  I suggested a “high school” ride on the tandem followed by breakfast.  I really had Panera in mind, but Pam said she preferred Subway.  Since “the stoker is always right”, that’s what we did!  I think we made it home by about 8:15, leaving us plenty of time for our activities…and we needed every bit of it.

It was a great weekend, partly because we didn’t overextend ourselves with long rides.

How ’bout you?  How was your weekend?

God bless…


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3 Comments on “Labor Day Roundup”

  1. Joyce Cooper Says:

    What should be my next mileage goal?

  2. CRGardenJoe Says:

    I enjoy reading your blog, and since you ask, here is my post about my biking weekend:

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