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Yesterday afternoon was a hot one!  I had spent a little over an hour suffering through our painting project, but when Pam had to leave for a prior commitment, I jumped on my bike since I was sweaty anyway.  I planned to spend two hours in the saddle, and timed it pretty perfectly.

There is a family out east of town that breeds and raises Clydesdale horses, and they have them pastured several different places as you head out of town.  As I approached this particular group, I noticed some really odd behavior.  What attracted my attention in the first place was the amount of dust they were raising, but then as I came to a break in the bushy fence line, I could see the three on the right walking a tight circle, one after the other.  I’m not sure what they were up to, but they were lined up and circling in an intentional behavior.

I could see a clearer break in the brush as the road curved around ahead of me, so I decided to pedal over and get a video.  Unfortunately, they noticed me stopping and stopped their circling to watch me.  I waited a couple of minutes to see if they would start again, but we seemed to be in a Mexican standoff in the heat, so I mounted back up and continued my ride.

I ended up with almost 35 miles for the day, but there was enough of a breeze that it kept me riding pretty slow in the heat.  In spite of that, I enjoyed myself and accomplished my purpose of getting the good endorphins flowing to counteract the grumpiness that was building from painting!

Here’s the GPS track if you’re interested.

God bless…



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2 Comments on “Stuff I see – Clydes”

  1. Elizabeth Swadley Says:

    I enjoy your posts! Aunt Betty


  2. limomaroni Says:

    I dig them Clydesdales!

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