The longest way

Sunrise 9-10-2013

The single most asked question I get about my bike commute to work is, “How far do you ride to get to work?”.  I mean, sometimes it seems like I get that question multiple times every week.  My answer is always, “It depends.”  Because it does…

The shortest route I have to work is about 8.5 miles.  The longest is 17, with a myriad of options between, depending on:

  • My mood.
  • How much time I have.
  • My energy level.
  • How much I’ve already ridden during the week.
  • How much I think I might want to ride over the weekend.

This morning, I had plenty of time.  We lifted weights, and for some reason moved along pretty quickly.  Some mornings, we can’t agree on how many sets of a particular exercise we’ve done.  I usually think we’ve done a lower number than Pam does…but Pam had the strongest argument this morning, so it didn’t take as long as it might have if I had come out on top of that discussion.  Anyway, I managed to get out of the house early enough to make a loop down through the Nature Center.  That’s my 17 mile ride.  The pic at the top is the view as I start down the hill to the river.  You can see the nice sunrise building…

nature center

Down by the river on the Greenways Trail, wisps of fog hung in the air waiting to burn off.  I usually see a lot of deer along this path, but today a couple of ladies on bikes had passed before me so I guess they spooked them all back into the brush.

That ride gave me 63 minutes of pedal time on the way to work.  Not a bad way to start your day.

God bless…


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