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Patience, Grasshopper…..

July 23, 2013

after the rain


Monday morning was one of those days where we were awakened by the sound of thunder somewhere around 4:30, so when the alarm went off at 5:00 and it was still booming outside our run just wasn’t happening.  We reset the alarm, rolled over and dozed until it was time to get up for real and found that it was still thundering.  I checked the radar and saw that the real line of storms was still approaching, so I shifted into “slow and relaxed” gear and waited.  By the time I had done the morning routine, that line was still out there so I ate breakfast and lingered over a cup of coffee while I waited for the last possible minute to go out the door.

And what did I get for my patience?  Why, an absolutely gorgeous morning commute, of course!  There were a few sprinkles hanging around as I left, but not not enough to worry with and my fenders did their job on the wet roads.



I even saw Jim on the way in.

God bless…




They won’t melt.

June 6, 2013





I just had to grin.  Yesterday on the way home from work, I got caught in a rain shower.  It wasn’t a big deal.  It started raining as I crossed the King Bridge, so I rode a couple of blocks further to be sure it was really going to  keep it up and stopped under an awning to pull out my rain jacket.  With that taken care of, I casually continued toward home.


It was actually one of those nice little showers that seemed to come up out of nowhere.  I noticed several people walking who seemed to have been caught out in it as well.  Like me, they were making the best of it, although I didn’t see a single umbrella on the way home.

As I pulled up to the stoplight at Sunshine, I noticed a couple of roadies huddled together underneath the bank awning trying to stay dry.  They looked so pathetically miserable under there that I was in the process of pulling out my camera when a car pulled up and blocked my view.  Rats!  It would have been a great picture!

Anyway, as I was waiting there in the rain for the light to turn, I glanced down at my feet and noticed the running water I was standing in.


I had to grin at the idea that at least those two weren’t standing in running water, but then thought to myself, “Well, I know I won’t melt in the rain”.  And you know what?  I was kinda enjoying myself out there splashing around in the puddles!

God bless…and get out from under the awnings!



May 28, 2013


Well, leave it to me.  We apparently had a single little cloud producing rain over Springfield this morning and I had to ride through it.    It only lasted about 4 city blocks.  But that’s after spending an hour over the weekend cleaning and lubricating a disgustingly dirty bike.

Oh well….I guess it will just have to keep on looking like a daily commuter that gets used a lot.  Wait a minute –  that’s what it is!

God bless…




Drizzle Ride

May 6, 2013


Well, it wasn’t the best of days for a ride, but the cold weather and rain/snow is on the way out.  After forcing myself to take a rest day on Friday and chafing through a cold and wet Saturday morning, I finally deemed it warm and dry enough to ride by about 1:30 Saturday.

Not trusting the weather, I grabbed the Surly, thinking that I might appreciate the fenders at some point.  In the end, the roads were still wet enough that my road bike would have been a mess had I taken it out.


The skies just couldn’t decide what to do but luckily it never really got too bad.   I would ride in drizzle for a while, then it might turn to sleet, then drizzle again, then it would quit.  Then, it would repeat itself on a consistent cycle of about 10 minutes.

I had told Pam I would be about two hours, so that meant I was limited to about 30 miles.  One option for that is to go ride the hills on Farm Road 249 just east of Strafford, so that’s where I headed.


The dogwoods are in full bloom, and were very evident out on 249.  There is a nice stand of pine trees out there and the white dogwoods interspersed made a nice contrast to the green pines.

For some reason, I never felt like I could get into a good groove on this ride.  The wind was blowing a little, and it seemed one of those days where it was impossible to get it as a tailwind.  In addition, the air just felt thick and heavy.  It was just about 45 degrees, and based on those factors, it was a struggle to finish with a 15.8 mph average speed.

I managed to finish at my driveway in exactly 1 hour and 59 minutes.  I suppose I probably missed my two hour projection in terms of clock time because I made one pit stop in Strafford, but I made sure to point out to Pam that my riding time was within the projection!

You can click the map below for the full GPS track.


God bless…


Between the rain

April 29, 2013

I was almost convinced Saturday was going to be a complete washout, but we finally got a break in the rain around 2:00.  By 2:30, I had stood all I could and started kitting up for a ride.

Knowing that things were still pretty messy out there, I opted for the Surly instead of the road bike, and that proved to be a very good decision.  It was very mucky…and I needed those fenders just about the entire afternoon.


As I headed down the hill toward the river, I thought to myself, “You’re probably going to have to turn right around and climb this hill.”  I was right.  The river was up over the road and I had no choice but to come back up the hill and take the longer way around to Kinser Bridge.  I saw a car come through it, so I knew how deep it was.  It wasn’t something I wanted to tackle, and I know from past experience that the river leaves a nice slick muddy deposit on the roadway that I guessed would be treacherous at best.  Oh well…up the hill I went.


The good news is that all this rain we’ve had has really gotten the fields nice and green.  It’s a pretty time of year to be out on a bike!

I had about two hours, so I knew I could get about 35 miles in.  That means a loop from home out past Mentor, then toward Rogersville via Elm Grove and back through Turners.  I figured for that distance, I could stand to work pretty hard, so I spent most of the time in the drops trying to make that bike go fast.  With it’s rack, fenders, and handlebar bag, it’s not the most aerodynamic machine out there most of the time, but as far as I could tell, it seemed to be the only bike on the road all afternoon!


I didn’t make any stops, because I was kind of concerned it might get wet again.  I felt some light drizzle a couple of times, but made it home dry.  The actual rain held off until I was cooking dinner on the grill!

map 4-27-2013

I was really glad I went ahead and got out.  Even though a rest day wouldn’t have hurt and would have probably been good for me, it was good to get the heart pumping and the endorphins flowing.

You can click the map above for the full GPS track.

God bless…



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