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Something different for the Fourth

July 4, 2012



For something different today, we got up early and headed north on the Frisco Highline Trail.  We hit the trailhead by 6:20, and were surprised by the number of cars already there.  We would soon learn that we would not have exclusive use of the trail!

As we head north, the first eight miles are smooth sailing, as the trail is paved and has a slight downhill grade.   It didn’t take long before we were passing through Willard, and a constant stream of walkers and cyclists.  



About two miles north of Willard, the paved portion of the trail ends and the gravel begins.  As far as gravel goes, it’s in fairly decent shape most places, but there are a couple of sections that are pretty chewed up by horses’ hoofs and make for some difficult riding.  Luckily, those sections are fairly short.



I will admit, though that riding the gravel isn’t my most favorite thing to do.  I was on my Surly, which would probably handle it a little better with fatter tires, but since that’s what I had, it worked. 


This was Pam’s first real chance to get her new bike out, and we had to stop once to tweak the saddle for her.  She looked good all decked out in gloves, helmet, shirt, and water bottle to match the green stripes on the bike, although you can’t tell it from the picture.

We rode as far as Walnut Grove, which is the 16 mile point, then turned back.


When we got to the softest portion of the trail, we jumped out on the highway to avoid it, and decided that riding on the road felt so good we would just stay there!  At that point, we were just a couple of miles from the paved portion, so we didn’t cheat too much.


We saw this guy crossing the trail as we neared the truck.  I wanted to stop and examine it closely, but for some reason, I couldn’t get Pam to stick around.  I couldn’t figure out why…

As we approached the truck, Pam decided she had enough in her legs to turn around and ride back toward Willard for four miles so we could finish with an even 40 miles. 

It was a fun way to start the day, although it was starting to get kind of warm by the time we finished.  Hope your fourth was fun as well!

God bless…


Frisco Highline Trail

July 29, 2010

For something different last night, we took South Haven Cycling out to the Frisco Highline Trail.  Seven of us rode from the trailhead out to Willard and back for a total of 12 miles. 

We were a little concerned at the beginning because we could hear thunder from a localized shower just to the southeast of us, but it continued it’s eastward course and missed us completely.  With that out of the way, we enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous evening.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the trail had been freshly paved in a couple of places and that it is now paved all the way to Willard.  That eliminates the “up hill both ways” feeling that portions of that section used to have.  Sure made for a smooth and easy ride out and back!

God bless…


Putzing around on a Sunday afternoon

August 2, 2009

After church today, Pam and I decided that we would do something a little different instead of going out on the tandem.  We took the trail bikes up to the Frisco Highline Trail and rode a 20 mile out and back.

The Frisco Highline Trail starts up on Kearney Street near the airport and goes as far north as Bolivar if you care to follow it that far.  It’s a converted rail bed maintained by Ozarks Greenways, with a crushed lime surface most of the time.  From my experience, it starts getting kind of soft and chewed up by horses a few miles north of Willard, so the riding isn’t all that great once you get past that point.  I’ve been as far north as Walnut Grove, but it’s been a while.  One of these days it might be fun to go as far as Bolivar, but because it’s kind of tough to ride on the soft surface I’m not sure I would want to do an out and back.


It was another beautiful day for a ride, with bright sunshine, clear skies, cool temperatures and low humidity.  I’m getting spoiled by this strange Missouri weather lately.  July was unusually cool.  It was our 7th coolest on record, with some towns around here setting records for the coolest July ever.  Go figure…It’s great for us, but not so good for the utility company I work for.

Just outside Willard, we spotted a couple of wild turkeys on the trail.  Then we spotted some more.  And more, and then still more!  There were at least four hens, with what seemed like thirty young chicks.  They didn’t seem too concerned with us, letting us get fairly close before moving off the trail.  I was pretty slow getting the camera out, but did manage to grab a shot of some of the hens.


On the way out there, I noticed the familiar rattle of a broken spoke on the back wheel of the Marin.  That’s the third one now, so it’s time to have the stupid thing rebuilt.  I haven’t ridden it at all since starting to commute on my roae bike again this spring, but I suspect it will become my cold weather bike for commuting again this fall and that wheel needs to be made right.  I’ll try to drop it off at Sunshine in the next couple of weeks before I forget about it.

At the ten-mile mark there is a boulder set out on the side of the trail that makes a perfect spot to sit and rest a while, so we took advantage of it before starting back!

038 039


The trip back was slightly uphill and against the wind.  Typical isn’t it!  We weren’t in any hurry to get back, so we just took our time.  Our average speed for the day was a rip-roaring 10 mph, but hey, it was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

God bless….



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