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Fresh Spokelites

January 31, 2010


Last Monday morning as I headed to work, I noticed that my rear SpokeLite was dead.  By the time I got home that afternoon, the front had also stopped functioning.  I guess that’s what happens when you always change batteries at the same time. 

I picked up new batteries for them after church today, so this afternoon I brought them in, cleaned them up (they were absolutely black with filth) and installed four new batteries.  Now I’m good to go when the crud melts off the streets!

By the way, does anyone besides me think that bicep muscle on the magazine in the background is Photoshopped?  That  just doesn’t look right!

God bless…


Spoke-Lights Video

November 26, 2009

I mentioned the other day that I’m able to use my Spoke Lights on the new Surly.  Pam pulled in just as I got home yesterday, so I asked her to grab video of me coming down the streets to see how my lights actually looked.  What I found out is that the rear lights need new batteries!

Here it is.

Oh…and here is a very interesting article about cycling infrastructure and advocacy in Dallas.

God bless….


Random Personality Tuesday

November 24, 2009

Running Short! – Pam and I got about two blocks into our three mile run this morning before it started raining on us.  Sheesh!  I looked at the radar when we got up and everything in sight looked far away.  By the time we got out there it had turned into the same light rain/heavy drizzle that plagued us last week.  We cut our run short at 2 miles because we were getting soaked through and Pam grabbed the last mile on the treadmill.  I went ahead and rode to work, and by the time I got there it had pretty much quit.

Grind ‘em baby! – The last time I rode my road bike, I noticed the brakes grinding pretty badly.  I attributed it to grit from the constant rain and drizzle I was riding through but last night I went down to clean that bike and discovered that I had worn the pads to the point where I could see metal showing through.  Got new ones ordered and on their way.

Speaking of Crud! – I’m amazed that those brakes were even still functional.  I pretty much had to completely disassemble, clean and lube them to get them working smoothly again. 

Doh! – I took off work yesterday afternoon to run some errands.  When I got home, I stopped in the garage to tweak the saddle position on the Surly, then merrily went about my business.  This morning as I was leaving for work I couldn’t find the gloves I had home yesterday and realized I had probably left them laying on the back of the Jeep and driven off with them still there.  Darn…that was a nice pair of warm-weather full-fingered gloves!

Magnetic Presence! – I forgot to turn on my Spoke-Lights this morning, so I stopped to do so at the stoplight at Sunshine and Eastgate.  When I looked up, I had a green light…and there were no cars anywhere to have triggered it for me.  I guess the Surly has enough steel and mass to trigger that light.  That’s pretty cool, because it’s one I usually resort to running.

Spoke-Lights Rock! – No, I said Spoke-Lights, not Spook Lights!   The Nite Ize SpokeLit is an awesome little device that clips to the spokes of your wheel and emits a nice spinning glow as you ride.  I use one on both wheels, and they definitely add a little bling to the bike!  For dark commutes, these things do more to command respect from motorists than anything I’ve seen or tried.  I couldn’t use them on the Giant because of the low spoke count wheels, but they fit the Surly just fine.  I noticed the first ride with them that cars were doing a lot more sitting and waiting for me to pass rather than pulling out and going.  It’s funny to watch their eyes follow your wheels as you pass them!  If you’re a commuter who rides in the dark, you need to get some of these things!

God bless…



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