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Tornado Relief

May 26, 2011

Photo Credit: Springfield News Leader

The blog has been running on auto-pilot this week week while I’ve been attending a software conference, but events last weekend remind me of Thanksgiving weekend, 20 years ago.  We had just built and moved into our house that spring, and were celebrating with out of town guests on a warm, stormy evening.  Over the noise of kids playing, somebody asked “What’s that noise?”.  Like a dummy, I opened the back door to look out just in time to see debris falling from the sky and the most horrible wind I’ve ever experienced.  I yelled “Take cover!  Duck!”, and we herded everyone down the hall into our laundry room where we anxiously waited for it to pass.  Had I looked out my front door instead of the back, I would have been staring at a monstor tornado, just 500 yards distant.  Luckily for us, we only received minor damage from the glancing blow, but many people living near us lost everything. 

Such is the case in Joplin this week.  With 125 confirmed dead, it’s hard to stomach such a disaster just 60 miles down the road.   My heart and prayers go out to those who have lost loved ones and/or their homes.  I can’t imagine what the devastation must feel like.  I feel like I need to do something to help, but here I am, sitting in a really nice resort, hundreds of miles from home.

My friend Greg, however, is doing something.  He’s working to set up a tornado relief bike ride.  Check out his Straight 2 Joplin website for details.

Here’s the point of this post….

If you’re a regular reader, would you please go to Greg’s website and make a $10, $20, or even $100 donation.  All donations will go directly to help those in need in Joplin.

If you have a blog of your own, would you please add a link to Greg’s page and pass the word in your neighborhood of our online community.

God bless….



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